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様々なジャンルのアートに感化され、2015年にはプエルトリコで辞世の句をテーマとした個展「Partidas -送り人-」を開催。ニューヨークでは路上パフォーマンスを行ったり、日本食レストランのロゴ、メニューも手がける。近年は、現代アートと書を融合した「Sad and Horny」をテーマとした書道アートや、モデルとして日々評価される自身の身体やセクシュアリティを表現したコラージュアートを制作している。

Born in Tokyo, Japan, MASUMI is an exciting and dynamic calligraphy artist that is driven to express her love and passion. Starting at just age 3, she was curiously drawn into the beauty of traditional Japanese calligraphy. From perfecting every stroke to even learning the history of the kanji, MASUMI is obsessed with the details and the flow of her brush. In recent years, she further explores the identity of being “sad and horny” as a medium to write her art. MASUMI has lived in New York since 2014, savoring the immense art culture, which has enabled her think about her approach to calligraphy.


1991 Born in Tokyo

1994 Started calligraphy

2015 “Partidas -送り人-“ - San Juan, Puerto Rico

2020 “Stir Fried Sushi” - New York, New York

2020 “Wearable Art” - Brooklyn, New York

2022 “Sayonara Sucker” - Chiba, Japan 

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